Detailed Quantity Take-Off/ BOQ PREPARATION

Quantity Takeoff is also known as material takeoff is an essential part of the planning and construction stage of projects. It is all about understanding the needs of construction. A proper quantity takeoff will help you to improve the bidding process and construction. Our quantity takeoff will provide you the detailed measurements of the materials and labor that you will need to finish a construction project. Doing a quantity takeoff before you start the construction is very important. We will use blueprints or models and make a list of the materials needed to achieve the end -result. Our precise and realistic quantity takeoff service will help you produce accurate bids and budgets. Thus, helping you in figuring out the exact cost required to complete the project.

We also offer Bill of Quantities (BOQ) services. The BOQ is a document that breaks down the project scope by work items and quantities, ensuring that all contractors quote the same amounts of work. It will be useful as a tracking tool during the construction process, and it can be combined with the project schedule for cost planning.

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